Many are still unfamiliar with who the Prophet - peace and blessings be upon him - actually is.

Since we were young, we have been fed with snippets about the biography of the Prophet, but we have probably never thought to apply his way of life in our own daily life. All we know is that the Prophet taught us how to pray, how to fast...

Even though the Prophet is...

A role model for all time...

An exemplary father…
A romantic husband…
A most trusted friend…
and so much more.

Let's prove our love to him.

Let's put into practise his way of life.

In order to achieve our collective dream to be with the Prophet in the Hereafter.

”Say: “If you (truly) love Allah, FOLLOW ME, and (consequently) Allah will love you and forgive your sins.”

(Ali Imran: 31)

I professed the shahadah after reading this book...

I felt very affected by the book, and want to improve myself...


The Book - Muhammad PBUH: The Epitome of Perfection in the Borak Kopitiam series on TV3

Alhamdulillah, when this book was just launched last year, TV3 invited the writer for a short chit-chat session on this book, due to the encouraging response where 9,000 copies were sold in just 20 days after it was printed.

Among the facts that MUST be known by all who profess to love Rasulullah:

He Used to Cry

We would often hear that it is prohibited to cry when death occurs, but in reality, the Prophet himself cried when one of his loved one died. (pp. 133 - 135)

His Relationship with His Companions

Rasulullah in his relationships with his Companions is like a father with his sons, always thinking about the good for them, sharing with them in their happiness and sorrow, and sharing problems with each other.

Honouring Women

The Prophet is the person who has the best relationship with his spouse. There are plenty of evidence in Islam and the Prophet regarding honouring women and giving them their due. Husbands especially MUST read this chapter, while wives really should buy and gift this book to their husbands.

Respecting Children

Many of the young Companions of the Prophet remembered the sweet moments with the Prophet until the end of their lives. Sweet! Yes so sweet!

What are some comments by university lecturers about this book?

Ustaz Abdullah Bukhari, Lecturer in IIUM

"I consider this book to be the door which opens our love for the Prophet and his wives. Come! If you love the Prophet and his wives, read this book!"

Ustaz Fahmi Rusli, Islamic Affairs Officer at the Office of the Mufti in the State of KL

"One of the things which the writer wrote which really touched my heart: If a proven fact feels strange or may cause issues, don't immediately take the easy way out and hide it because we are scared to be attacked. Rather, we should instead teach (the community) how to properly understand that fact."

More than 40,000 copies have been soldl!

2 VERY important books to be read:

Title: Muhammad: The Epitome of Perfection
 Dr. Kamilin Jamilin
ISBN: 978-967-2910-1-5
Number of Pages: 228 pgs

Title: A Treatise on Loving The Prophet
Writer: Dr. Fadhl Ilahi Zahir
ISBN: 978-967-2910-2-2
Number of Pages: 112 pgs

Reader-friendly font size

Uses font size 12 and spacing that is appropriate and friendly to readers young and old.

Easy to be carried around

The book is half-letter size, and easy to carry anywhere: in a vehicle, in an airplane, and on a train.

Translated to English

Translated from their original languages to English, and is easy to understand and contemplate on, suitable for all strata in society.

Once read, you'd want to read it again

Some even read it 5-6 times because they really want to fully know and understand about our Prophet Muhammad.

The authors are experts in their fields of study.

Let's read up a little bit on the authors of these two books: one of which is a member of the Fatwa Council in Malaysia while the other is a lecturer in a university in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Kamilin Jamilin

- Member of the Fatwa Council in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Perlis
- Former Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Quran and Sunnah Studies, Islamic Sciences University of Malaysia (USIM)
- Founder & Advisor, Al Khayr Academy and Home Tahfiz DKJ
- Expert in hadith, PhD at USIM
- Invited Ustaz on ASTRO channel, TV3, TV3, TV AL HIJRAH

Dr. Fadhl Ilahi Zahir

- Lecturer at the Faculty of Da'wah, Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Su'ud University, Riyadh
- Completed PhD at Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Su'ud University, Riyadh

For those who really want to know & follow the Prophet Muhammad...

You are very lucky; may Allah gather you with your loved ones in the Hereafter. Start by taking the first step and read this book; it will help you to gradually implement the way of life of the Prophet in your daily lives.

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From readers...

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